Staff Stress Measure Dementia Care

Here is a simple test to help prevent staff burn out. All statements below reflect feelings and beliefs that apply to staff who work with residents having Alzheimer's disease or a similar dementia.

To take this test: each staff member fills in the following statements using an Often Sometimes or Never; as it applies to their thoughts and beliefs.

This test can be done on a regular basis with recommended staff meetings and one on one conferences; as it is warrented.

1. Their forgetfulness really gets on my nerves. __________________

2. I believe these residents should do more for themselves. __________________

3. I am afraid these residents will get violent and hurt me. __________________

4. I get tired of repeating things to them so much. __________________

5. The families just don't appreciate what we do for their loved one. __________________

6. Their babbling and rambling gets on my nerves. __________________

7. It's very hard for me to communicate with these residents. __________________

8. I get mad when they deny problems and blame others for things. __________________

9. I really get tired of working with these residents. __________________

10. It's hard to accept what is happening to these people. __________________

11. I get frustrated and angry working with these people. __________________

12. I think the use of more medication would make my job easier. __________________

13. I have trouble talking to their families. __________________

14. I take my work home with me. __________________

15. I feel these residents should appreciate our help more. __________________

16. I feel it takes to long to do things for them. __________________

17. It bothers me how helpless these people become. __________________

18. I believe we should have more training to work with them. __________________

19. It's difficult to explain their behavior to other residents or families. __________________

Karen Olive and Amanada Harper (c) copyright 1996

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