FlowersActivities for Alzheimer's Patients are Important

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The day for the Alzheimer's victim is often filled with bordom, obstacles, mistakes and failures resulting from memory lapses.

Activities help.....

raise the quality of life
relieve bordom
provide stimulation
reduce restlessness
raise self-awareness
keep a person more alert

Remember these guidelines when planning activities....

Activities should draw on remaining abilities and knowledge

Select activities which provide cognitive and sensory stimulation and those which entertain

Choose activities which involve very few steps and lead the patient through them one by one

Try to avoid activities that the patient perceives as childish but keep in mind that as the disease advances, children's picture books and games may be used.

Be creative in devising activities and remember that what works today, may not work tomorrow

Don't feel that you have to keep the patient busy all day.

But don't shy away from giving the patient "busy work" if it calms them down and occupies their time.

Leslie Arkmen ACSW (c) copyright 1996


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