General Activities to share with lower functioning Alzheimer's Patients

Past Interests & Adaptions:


Sort different size nuts in shell

Sort silverware

Dry flatware

Sort onions and potatoes

Match cups to saucers

Fold drying towels

Wipe counter and tables


Sort laundry.

Give them a basket of socks and towels and have them sort them

Match socks -- limit choices


Arrange silk flowers in a vase

Physical Activity


Unison stretching exercises

Movement to music [dancing]


Play old tunes

Play classical music

Play seasonal or holiday music

Play church hymns


Sort quarters and poker chips

Sort pens and pencils

Sort large pieces of paper and cancelled checks

Sort envelopes and magazines


Larges paper and easy to grip washable felt pens and crayons

Large paper and chalk

Adult coloring books

Sponge watercolors on paper

Soft clay for molding [non-toxic]

Stephanie Frankile ACSW

@ copyright 1996

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