Love Me 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

american beauty by harrison fisher

who am i?

I am your mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister or friend
and I need your help.
I just don't know whatís happening to me --
or is it you?
You see, things just arenít right--
I canít seem to remember like I did -
or did you really tell me that?
Iím not sure how to get home anymore --
or have they changed the road?
I donít seem to love you like I did --
or do you not love me anymore?
I canít seem to be rational anymore --
or is this rational?
My personality just isnít what it used to be--
or do you have the bad attitude?
I canít feed myself anymore--
why does food keep falling?
My muscles wonít move like I want them too--
Whatís happening?
I just canít look in the mirror anymore --
I don't even look like the old me, do I?
Iím not sure whatís happening to me,
or is there really something happening?
Yes, there is something happening to me --
I have Alzheimers.
Please be patient and caring with me --
I may not realize whatís happening
and may even think itís you---
So I must put my life in your hands --

There will be a time you must have help in caring for me,
donít feel guilty, just love me, even though
Iíve become someone you donít know or might not even like.

Angie Ballard (c)

Please do not copy without writers permission