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My Dear Friends;

Feb 1st 2000

Thought I had best do a quick update since there have been so many letters asking how mom is. I can only say..."God Bless ALL OF YOU" for your kindess and concern for her. I know she would be so touched by your thoughtfulness.

So..how is mom doing? She's fine and now has a new room mate. (grin) Didn't I tell you she and I are connected? I just somehow knew she was going to be "ok"...and what a relief that is to me.

As for myself, I am getting better too. I'm now taking a drug specifically for IBS called Librax and I'm finding it's helping a lot...and for that I am very, very grateful.

But...today I am filled with a great amount of saddness. Why? For several reason. To begin with, in the early morning hours on sunday, 6 teenagers from here in town were out joy-riding. No one still seems to know what happened, but an accident occured...   The car they were riding in, went into our local canal and out of the 6 (3 boys and 3 girls), the 3 girls lost their lives. Each one of these kids were young teenagers. All but one range in age of 16 and 17. The oldest, was 19...just. To say that our town is now is deep sorrow, would be putting it mildly...but only God knows why this tragedy happened.

Then, last night, came news of that plane crash. No, I didn't know anyone on that plane personally...but I do feel a 'kinship' to every passenger.

You see, I go down to Puerto Vallarta every year. And in my mind, I know exactly what those people were thinking as they took off for home. I KNOW what their last day was like...I know the sorrow they felt as that jet winged upward carrying them away from paradise. And I know that each and every one of them whispered a silent..."I'll be back, I promise"...except they never will.

Today, the one thing that gives me comfort is the knowledge that their last day on earth was filled with beautiful things. If they arose early, they were treated to a magnificent sunrise. Their feet were kissed by the lapping of warm ocean water and everywhere they looked, their eyes saw one beautiful sight after another. I guess, in some respects, they were fortunate. Not everyone spends their last day in a place of such beauty. So, I guess that's why I feel in my heart, that when their fate was met, they were still wrapped in the arms of the Puerto Vallarta angels....and you can't get any better than that.

Feb 10th

Well my friends...here it is...only 4 more days before I head for paradise. (sigh) Am I excited? Well, no, not really....it's more a sense of feeling impatient. You see, while we term it as a "vacation", in truth, for me, it's like returning home after a long absence.

I miss the friends I've acquired over the years and can't wait to see them again. I'm eager to see the sunrises...the sunsets, and the dolphins that play out in the bay early every morning. When I step off that plane and fill my lungs with the heady smells so familiar to me...well, there's no feeling quite like it. And the sun. Oh the sun. It seems to penetrate all the way to my soul.

Of course GETTING to that point is the hard part. All the last minute preparations...the endless lists of "must do's". Sometimes you feel you will never be ready, especially when you have a morning like I did several days ago. (yikes) In fact, it was SO BAD, I'm now referring to it as "Tays National Lampoon" morning. (grin)

Anyhow, I was telling some friends about how awful that morning was, and after hearing about the highlights they all said..."oh you gotta write me a letter about it"...so I did. In fact, I even sent it to a few that's been feeling down and needed a bit of cheering up. What I didn't expect was the silly thing to get forwarded on to everyone THEY knew. So the letters that began to come in from strangers telling me how much they "enjoyed" my morning 'adventure', really made me laugh.

Then I thought to myself...well, if this makes strangers have hysterical fits, why not plop it into the website and give everyone who needs a laugh...a bit of "humor". Of course, I didn't think it was the LEAST BIT funny at the time. Now I do. I laugh right along with the rest of them. So, if you need a giggle...here you go, just click on LAMPOON, and enjoy!

On to April

In the mean time....I hold you close to my heart...


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