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Aggressive Behaviors

At some point in the course of the disease, Alzheimer's patients may become violent.  They may sometimes throw things, hit, kick, bite or pinch the caregiver or others they come into contact with.  The patient does not know why they are doing this, and they may not even realize that they are doing it.  More than likely, these actions are caused from the brain damage the person suffers from this devastating disease.

These violent displays of behavior can be very frightening to the caregiver and other family members and friends.  The caregiver must first try to identify why the behavior is occuring.  It seems like any situation that causes the patient to become frightened or frustrated can cause these outbursts.

Some of the things that can make the patient violent are:

Here are some suggestions to help prevent violent behavior:

However, sometimes a person who displays violent behavior can become a threat to others.  The caregiver could possibly find him or herself in a very dangerous situation.  Below are some tips to protect yourself and the patient.

If the violent behavior is a recurrent problem, your physician may prescribe tranquilizers such as, Mellaril, Haldol or Serax.  If at all possible, try to avoid physical restraints.

I hope this information has helped you learn a little about violent behavior, and in some way make your life a little easier.


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