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Sexual Communication
Author Unknown Sent By Sara G

Patients with Alzheimer's disease or similar illnesses often desire and are capable of continued sexual communication and activity. Depending on the patient's relationship with a spouse and the feelings of the wife or husband, these needs may be met without incident. But sometimes the behaviors of the memory-impaired person are inappropriate. They may range from public disrobing [forgetting to dress and run out of the house with no cloths on] to indiscreet masturbation [usually fondling the genitals, which fee good to the patient].

Many people report that their spouses show increased sexual desires, which may occur as a result of brain damage. They are sometimes annoyed by the demands of the Alzheimer's patient.

It is important to remember that a demand for sex may also be a desire for physical comfort and reassurance in the form of some bodily contact. Holding the person may be sufficient to satisfy the patient's need to be touched and the need for affection between the patient and the caregiver.

In certain circumstances, this can be difficult to keep in mind, because sometimes the patient will mistake a relative for their husband or wife, and proposition the, Children have time and time again, received invitations from their parent to indulge in a little afternoon bedroom romp. While this is extremely embarrassing for the child, they must remember that their parent is no longer able to decipher what is right and what is inappropriate. A gentle "no" and a means of distraction will often alleviate this embarrassing moment.


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