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Suggestions For The Caregiver
By Sefra Kobrin Pitzele

Include the other person as much as possible in your daily plans, no matter how small the involvement may seem. This could include discussing a breakfast selection, deciding what to watch on TV, or talking about whether to wear a blue or brown shirt. These may seem trivial to you, but when a person's world has narrowed to the confines of a few rooms, being included is extremely important to their self-esteem.

Don't assume anything, especially when it involved the needs and emotions of another person.

Develop a personal support system so that any anger or frustration you feel is not vented on the person for whom you are caring.

Ask the person what they want. He or she is not an object nor a "problem". Let them continue to have imput into their own lives.

Treat the care recipient with dignity and respect. You are dealing with another human being. Remember, that person never wanted to be this dependent upon you, either.

Learn to prioritize. Sometimes a waxed kitchen floor just isn't as important as enjoying a beautiful day together.

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