March 31, 2007

Sharon and I just returned from a three week trip to our home state of Ohio. We had planned on going in late July but circumstances changed quickly for us.

My brother Bill died. He suffered with dementia for some years and his condition had worsened. He past away on March 2 and was much loved by family and friends.

Although I will greatly miss my last brother, I am thankful that he knew the Lord and had all his things in order.

How does one say good bye to someone like a brother? Although I will miss him greatly, I know he is done with his suffering and sorrow and that helps me be able to say good bye. I also have no doubt that he's off on a new adventure, a new journey that will last forever. Our family size is dwindling, one by one. Were all getting older and have our illnesses and diseasess. Out of a family of seven, there are three of us left, and deep down in my heart, I know with out a doubt that this circle of life will be unbroken in the bye and bye. Not to many years off in the future, all of us in my family will be in the sweet bye and bye where we'll meet together and again be a part of a wonderful family where death will never seperate us. Never.

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