How To Develop A Program To Get Them Back Safely

When I began working with Alz. families, the one thing we didn't have was a good working relationship with the Police. Not knowing the dangers these loved ones face, often times the Police would tell the families they couldn't report the person missing for 24 hours. As you might have guessed many tragedies could have been prevented by quick reaction time so that's the one thing we wanted to change.

Several years ago we began a program with our Columbus Police Dept. to change the 24 waiting period to a 911 emergency, and I am very glad to say it has been a success. It's a very simple procedure and only takes a few moments to accomplish and the benefit is life saving.

I know there are several program available like this today, the Alz. Assoc. has one that costs $40.00, but what is unique about ours, is the fact that it can be designed to fit any location (no matter where you are), and it's free.

To show you how simple it is, in my mind I refer to it as the 1-2-3 step safety.

First step:

The caregiver takes the persons drivers license down to the Police Station where it is scanned and placed into special 911 files. (If you think about it, the license contains all pertinent information about the person, height, weight, address, and photo.)

Once that is accomplished, then step 2.

Step 2:

The caregiver is given a DOCUMENT to fill out that is returned to the Police Station. I've included it in the manual to show you what I mean. It contains bits of information that may hold the key to locating the person quickly. And there is also a 2nd part the CAREGIVER keeps to help remind them what to do should the situation arise.

Step 3...

There is no step 3, except for peace of mind in knowing that should the person become lost, help from law enforcement personal will be instantaneous.

So how do you design one to fit your criteria? Easy. You can either fashion is by using the steps above or you can take it one step further and design a program like they use to keep kids safe. Fingerprints and photo's.

You can promote this by advertising your desire to keep Alz. victims safe by encouraging families to come forward and help you. You can work with other law enforcement agencies by networking in your area to cover as much territory as you wish.

The bottom line to this program is simple. With a little time and effort, towns and cities all over the world can protect these loved ones who are now unable to help themselves. And a lot of needless deaths, can be prevented this way.

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