Confronting Alzheimer's

A Guide For Law Enforcement Agencies

This is an approximately 40 page manual designed to help Law Enforcement personnal better understand the symptoms/problems associated with Alzheimer's/Dementia. Because of it's length I have divided it into sections to make it easier for printing or copying.


 What Is Alzheimer's (Use With Help Sheets)

What Happens To Someone Who Has It? (Use With Help Sheets)

The Manual:

The following Help Sheets are located within the manual

      Help Sheets: (These are used throughout the introduction.)

      a. What Is Dementia
      b. What To Expect With Alzheimer's Disease
      c. Stage 5
      d. Stage 6
      e. Progressive Phases Of Alzheimer's Disease
      f. Stages of Ability Decline & Behaviors Symptoms
      g. Functional Assessment Stages In Alzheimer's
      h. Language Breakdown
      i. Communicating With An Alzheimer's Person

(c) by Marsha Penington 1999

Alzheimer's Outreach

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