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You are listening to "I Will Remember You"

Below are the names of our Alzheimer's Outreach angels...for they are the ones who have left us over these last 20 years....

However, this is not just a remembrance to my Alzheimer's Outreach group...it is for anyone who has lost their battle with Alzheimer's. If you would like to have your loved one's name included, then I would be honored to place it here. (At the bottom of the screen it will tell you how.)

Let this candle represent all of the candles that flame across the internet in memory of fallen heroes. For anyone who battles this disease....is a hero.

Pam (caregiver)




















Everette (caregiver)





Myrtle 1/3/98 (My Mama, an Angel)

Bud 1/ 98

Glenice Brinkley 5 / 98

Mary 5 / 98

Ed (Scoop) 7 / 98

Bertha 7 / 98

Bea 7 / 98

Kaye 7 / 98

Bertha 7 / 98

Naomi 9 / 98

Mary Bishop 2/9/98

Irene Klimes 8/09

Marcie Lang

Dr. James Hartford - Extraordinary Doctor, Researcher on Alzheimer's Disease

Marion, Josie, Ma, and Gramma...Daddy called her a "sport" We all loved her....1913 to 1998...September born and died Rest in Peace Ma......."

Esther Bourbeau Ward 10/14/98 We are all OK because she was such a special MOM Goodbye MOM. I love you....... Thank you

Vivian Hanby 9/9/96. "Her courage in the face of certain death gave me the courage to face an uncertain life..."

Hugh Williamson 11/3/98

Coleman Williamson 12/24/75

Barbara Merhege 12/24/98

Rollin Ross 1/7/99

Paul 11/11/ 98

Ceceila 1/30/99 "Good-bye my friend"

Martha Hornbrook 1/30/99 "Our Litte Bird"

Ramona Collins 2/19/99

Mary Ann Joyce 1/28/99

Shirley Ann McGlothlin 3/26/99

Susie Stanley 5/30/99

Marion Werner 6/99

Lloyd Bruce Melenbacker 1 /13/99 He was the world's best Dad

T. Burns Westman 1/16/99 A wonderful grandfather who was a brilliant man with an extraordinary sense of humor.

Katherine Mosbrucker

Althea M. Scheidt

Dave (David) James 7/28/99

Cooper Williamson, Sr. 7/15/95

Dominic 1999

Frances Marie Alexander Born: 3/25/17 - Passed Away 4/15/97

Clara Schade Another angel watching over us

Bob (Dizzy) & Florence 1998 Mother and Son, passed away 3 months of each other. Together forever now.

Matthew Chad Strickland: 5/99 (caregiver)

Dorothy LeFord Arcement 1998

Chester Edwin Downing

Frances Willmart: 12/99

Martha Frances: July 23,1999 - Mother & friend, the wind beneath our wings.

Virginia Napoli: May 8, 1998

Francis Scott: January 9th, 2000 (She touched many lives in her 80 years here with us, and will be missed every day)

Ruth Iben: January, 2000

Ruth Nobel: January 7th, 2000

Tommie; Sept. 27, 1999 "In the Arms of Angels"

Lori Severin, January 10th, 2000 The "Alzheimer Angel"

Rose Laska (Caregiver)

Helen Holopeter; March 30th, 2000

Authur Wittman (Artie); Feb. 21st, 2000

Dorothy Bruning 10/29/99 (BD 5/23/21 - Died 10/29/99) Guardian angel to 1 husband of 60 1/2 years, 8 children and 22 grands and great grands)

Joe Kunert; May 1st, 2000

Andrew Hobai

Aldes O'Blanc, age 84, June 22, 2000; We'll miss you forever. Love, your sons and families.

My Beloved Babe May 21, 2000; To many you are the legacy of this website...to me you were a gift from God.

Clarence "Ed" Frye 12-10-96

Grammy Josie Turner

Charles...Loved by many.


Valeta Barbour My Hero

Lucy Foust Boruff, Born 1891, Died 1971

Frances (2/10/20 - 2/14/00) We were so lucky to not have to watch her suffer more than the 3 years, as some people that suffer for so long. May God Bless them all! We miss you Mom.

Thelma 1993 (My Great-Grandmother & a very special lady.)

Judy Friend 4-23-38 - 10-11-00

Thelma Pelon--October 29th, 2000 My Mom and my best friend.

Erma Marie Liberty 8/5/00

Isabel Pretzer Oct. 22 1920 - Oct. 13 2000 "She had a golden halo - now she has her wings."

Gran-Gran, Mimi Paul & Marie Ivie---Mini Paul; 1916-1994 & Marie; 1918-2001. "I miss you all so much"

Leslie Rene

Carrie Brown Fuller & Viola Sheets Mires

Joe W. Impson 9-l5-17 to 7-14-95 In Loving Memory

Johanna Kloppenburg; April 18, 2001 "The best chocolate chip cookie baker in heaven!"

Tony (my father) "I miss you!"

Kenny 1921-2001 "You brought a lot of joy into Alzheimer's Outreach...you will be missed dear friend!"

Dorothy Flynn "Mom-Mom, Mother, Friend -Simply the best. Love You :) "

Bob Oerline; 5/9/2001 "My Knight In Shining Armour"

Delores M. Lee; May 26, 1915-Dec. 28, 2000 In Loving Memory

"In honor and loving memory of my mother Delores Lee, the inspiration of my life, who is remembered for her trust in God, inner strength, unconditional love and "Heart of Gold". A woman who faced diversity beyond imagination, yet never faltered because of her trust in God to be her guide and support!

Mom, each day you are gone I miss your sunny smile and loving ways, but I am striving to be an extention of you and pray for your inner strength and love. The hole in my heart where you once lived will remain until we meet again in heaven."

I love and miss you tremendously,
Love, Mary

Barbara Jean Hopely; Jan 21th 1935, - Sept 17, 2001 "She will be missed by all."

Melba Vashtie Gowan; 10-25-99 "Melba Momma PeeWee Vashtie you are greatly missed "

Henry K. Robert; Born 1920, died Oct. 5, 2001 (my beloved father)

Lucille Boles "At peace now with her beloved husband"

Ellie; 10/10/01 "My inspiration, my best friend, my sunshine...I love you and I miss you more each day, but I know you are making my rounds with me."

Frances; July 1977 "Always Loving, Always Loved"

Frank; 1917- 2001 "Just dreaming on the sliprails as the sun sinks on the hill."

Clara Graus; November 26, 2003

Joan Kring "In loving memory of a angel of god's on earth, who is missed greatly by her daughters and grandchildren. May God, you and dad watch over us until we all meet again in heaven."

Evelyn 9/2/02 "Our beloved Nan. She brought great love and joy to all who knew her. May she finally get the rest she so deserved."

Ruth Fermedge "Nan i will always love you. You were the best nan any1 could ever have an i miss u lots. You will be in my heart forever an always. All my love from lisa xxxx Rest in peace."

Thelma (1921 - 2003) "Mom you are with me always in my heart. I Love you and miss you."

Mildred Our Mother
(01/15/1936 - 02/10/2004)
Mike (04/14/1934 - 12/07/2003)
Together Forever with our Father Michael. "We all Miss you Now & Forever."

Doris Cisketti (12-7-18) (7-8-04) "Touching the face of God."

Bob Brega (10/2004) AO Member - warrior of Parkinsons Disease

In loving memory of my husband, Jack N Smitherman, "The red rose of my life". Gina

Eleanor (07/06/07)
We will miss you...Our hearts are aching without you You are the greatest.....

Carlene - Went home to be with her Lord
Nov 26 2004

Felix Miller;
Born 7-29-21 - Went home 2-18-93.
Even during his battle with Alzheimer's he was a blessing to us all.

To include your loved one, just e-mail it to me by hitting the "Contact Me" button over on the left located below the rose.

** These names were purposely written in random order and first names only to ensure the privacy of the families. Or is inscribed as sent to me by the families **


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