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Below are some of the most courageous people I know because a form of dementia has touched their lives. Many of these people have been diagnosed, while others are the spouses who wish to enrich our lives about the word devotion.

You know, most people run at the mere mention of the word "dementia"...but not these inspirations. They have chosen to reach out to the world in hopes of teaching us all a little more about these baffling diseases. And I promise will leave these sites standing in awe of these hero's because that is what they truly are!

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     My Journey;

    Many of you have followed Chips struggle over the years, but to me, he is more than just a journal, he is also my friend.  Throughout his journey he has given us both insight as well as courage, and he has faced each challenge with both dignity and humor.  Chip is one of those rare individuals who has shed light on what it's like to face dementia each day, and because of his dedication to us, he has set an example that come what may, you can live each day to matter how trying it may be.

     There's Hobos in the House by Michael Stanley:

    In this blog, Michael shares with you his life as a caregiver. Blunt, revealing and insightful, the power of his words not only draws you in, but leaves you breathless.

     Mary's Place:

    At the age of 55 Mary was diagnosed with having EOAD (Early-Onset Alzheimer's). Since then Mary has gone on to help many others who are facing this disease by creating this wonderful website. Within her pages you can read her story, gain insight as she shares moments (both good and bad) in her journal or just 'get to know' a woman who refuses to let this disease stop her! This truly is another inspirational site, so don't miss it!

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