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As you might have guessed, I am very picky as to whom I recommend in my websites. They must contain accurate information, their desire must be to help others and they must be helpful in nature. It doesn't do a caregiver any good if the site offers only bits and pieces. Nor does it do anyone any good if it's written in a language that's confusing or technical. So, below are 3 that I have found superb. One, as you'll notice, is offered only is Spanish, but since I have many visitors whose primary language IS spanish I wanted to ensure they have help as well. In time, I hope to discover more outstanding international sites, and as I do, I will include them here.

Just click the button beside their name and their site will open in a new box/window. To close that window, just click the X at the very top of your monitor screen.

international sites

 Dr. Alan;
Since Alan is a personal friend of mine, I could give you an in-depth review of his site...but I'm not going to. Why? Because exploring it is part of the pleasure. In my eyes, Alan is one of the finest physicians skilled in the care of the elderly, and not only is his site informative, it's warm and inviting. There are many facets to this man....humor, compassion and an insightfulness few doctors offer glimpses of. His information is outstanding...(especially if you live in Australia), but you know what the best part is? The blending...the skill...and the touches of a physican who has brought his knowledge to the internet in the hopes of helping others! This really is one website that can't be missed!

 The Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS), administered in Queensland by Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld), provides free support for people caring for someone with dementia whose behaviour is having an impact on their care.

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