Butterfly Kisses 1999 (Right Click To Stop Midi)


today was different

Today was different, yes indeed,
The moment came for you to leave.
I stood in awe, my soul it knew,
God had come this day for you.
As I ran into your room,
My heart was pounding, "Not this soon!"
Even though I felt so numb,
The bigger pain was yet to come.
Before my eyes I saw the sheet,
That covered you from head to feet.
From then I knew that things had changed,
Our close-knit bond was re-arranged.
Though in and out these last few years,
In fleeting moments we both had tears.
Moments real and moments wrong,
I've been lost, for you I long.
To care for you while in this state,
Has helped me grow it was my fate.
But now it's different, now I see,
It is I who's trapped, and you who's free.

(c) Mary Ann Schneider 1999

This was written in loving memory of her mom, so please do not copy it without asking Mary Anns permission first.