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Sometimes it is very difficult to know what type of clothing etc., is appropriate for an Alzheimer's person who is about to enter a nursing facility. So here is a list of some recommended items:

* Please note*

* The items you will find below are only a general list and have a tendency to lean towards later staged AD victims. They are recommend because these types of clothing will help maintain their independence longer.*

When shopping for ladies clothing

A. TOPS and BLOUSES that slip over the head.

B. PANTS with elasticized waistbands.

C. SWEATSUITS (decorate them up, they look very pretty that way)

D. STIRRUP PANTS (for the ones who like to tug at their clothes)

E. SEPARATES (mix and match items are wonderful)

F. DRESSES without buttons, zippers in the back

G. JUMPERS (similar to dresses but slip over the head)

H. TEE SHIRTS or TURTLE NECKS depending on the season

I. SWEATERS of any style (as long as they are machine washable)

** Note to keep in mind** If they are incontinent, buy pants one size larger to help disguise this bulky necessity.

Undergarments and sleepwear:

A. * SHORT HOUSECOAT ( nothing longer than mid-calf, preferably with snaps or zipper)

B. * SHORT NIGHTGOWNS ** Short prevents tripping**

C. SPORTS BRAS ( goes over the head no hooks and eyes)

D. CAMISOLES/ SLIP (slip can be half or full)

E. UNDERSHIRTS (both camisoles and undershirts can be worn in lieu of a bra)

F. PANTIES (should be bought several sizes larger if they are to go over an incontinent garment) ** Bring at least a half a dozen socks & panties, as well as 3 or 4 bras and/or camisoles**





D. SLIP ON BEDROOM SLIPPER or those socks that have rubber tread on the bottom

Personal hygiene items:

A. BODY SPRAYS (these keep them smelling sweet and fresh and are safer than colognes which come in glass bottles)

B. HAND AND BODY LOTIONS (something recommended for delicate skin)

C. BODY POWDER IS NOT RECOMMENDED (powder is fine and if it gets on the floor is can make it very slick)

D. LARGE HANDLED COMB & BRUSH (the larger handle makes it easier for them to grasp)

E. COSMETICS (keep it simple; a pressed powder compact, a lip stick. . .the more cosmetics you bring, the more likely they are to look like a clown is they apply it themselves)

F. MILD SHAMPOO (their scalp is just as delicate as their skin)

*** Please keep in mind that items such as nail files, nail and or toe nail clippers, fingernail polish remover etc., must be turned over to nursing staff for safety reasons.

Another goes much smoother if all items brought to the nursing facility are clearly marked with a permanent marker or sewn in labels with the person's name on it.

Also PLEASE make a written list of all incoming items for the nursing staff. It saves them an enormous amount of time.***

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