sailor girlHD Patients' Symptoms Vary
By Laura Bruni

Dr. Kathleen Shannon, a neurologist with a genetic testing center for Huntington's disease, lists the range of symptoms the disease commonly causes. Victims, who span all races and ethnicities, may show any combination of symptoms, complicating diagnoses and symptomatic treatments. Common symptoms fall into three categories.

There are now 25,000 to 30,000 people afflicted with the disease in the United States. An additional 150,000 are at risk. Research on the disease, Shannon explains, involves several areas of study. One is better treatment of symptoms. "This doesn't affect the long-term degenerative nature of the disease," she notes, "but it vastly improves the quality of life for the patients."

Other research is now focusing on blocking the chemicals that may be damaging the brain cells, on strengthening the cells to resist damage, and on cell regeneration by either helping cells repair themselves or replacing dead or damaged cells.

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