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Not being able to control your urine or faeces is probably one of the hardest problems you face.

The problem arises from not having control over the emptying of your bladder or bowels - the places where urine and feces collect before leaving your body.

Many people (or caregivers) with hydrocephalus do manage to work out a routine which helps them stay clean and dry.


There are lots of reasons why your bladder needs to be emptied regularly. Most important is the need to prevent infection and to keep your kidneys healthy. A routine which works well will keep your skin dry and so help stop pressure sores.

And remember, it's not very pleasant to smell of urine - either for you or those around you.

Helpful hints


Different ways to empty your bladder properly can include:


Emptying your bowel will help stop you from becoming bunged up or leaking on your underwear.

Helpful hints


Different ways to empty your bowel properly could include:

Daily Check List to Improve your Bladder and Bowel Routine

1. Always drink lots of fluids. Cranberry juice is good for you.

2. Try not to drink too much coffee, tea and Coke.

3. Make sure that your bladder empties properly.

4. Eat a good diet. If you don't know the right kinds of food, ask.

5. Do some exercise every day.

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