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April 2, 2001

To Be Near To You

With being near to me my dear,
All my dreams came true,
You said,
Don't let your dreams disappear,
The message is very simple,
Is very clear,
With your love,
Near to me,
My dreams of life,
Will never disappear,
I hear what you said,
For me to go slow,
See life in the right way,
For you'll always be right beside me,
Each day,
Time after time,
As the second hand of life un-winds,
This time in my life will be just fine,
Because you,
Your love,
Will always be near to me,
Because I'll never regret,
That Bernadette,
My loving wife,
Will always be near to me!


April 3, 2001

Went Shopping Today, WOW!


April 4, 2001

Being Brand New

On a sleepless night,
I'm still reaching for you,
Even in trouble times,
Theres still alot of life left to gain,
Don't let the pain,
And the chains,
Strain you,
Sorrows will come,
And they will go,
Carry your cross,
Then you'll come to know,
That another sleepless night will not remain,
For you'll come to see that bright light,
Of peace and joy,
Because the cross that you carried,
Has now made your life,
Brand new!


April 5, 2001

The Music of Life

Look around,
I know of a place,
Where you can get away,
Just let your mind flow,
So that you'll come to know,
That you can become something better than you are today,
Just open the door to your soul,
And move to the music of life,
See this life in a new way,
Don't just stand there,
Get too it today!
Let your mind move to the music of life,
Try to see it this way,
So that you'll enjoy life each day,
Just sit back,
And listen to all the music of life today!


April 18th, 2001

Rolling My Way Too You

You see I've been going thru this life,
With only one name,
And now I feel no pain,
On the first part of my journey,
I was looking at all of life,
There were plants,
And birds,
Rocks and sand,
Hills and rings,
All kinds of beautiful things,
The air was full of love,
After 7 days,
I was told,
That this life will always remain,
As I feel free to search for you!
Swimming thru the sea of life,
I'll be like a coin,
That will be tossed,
Into this sea of love,
I've been first and last,
But look at how this time of life goes by so fast,
I'll always come back,
Rolling too you!


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