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April 3, 2002

Seeing All The Sands of Time in Life

Don't let the sands of time grow under your feet,
Because time and life waits for no one!
Meet me in the evening,
Have that love fire burning,
This is living!
Have the engine running,
As the clock of life ticks by,
We both will drive thru this life by each others side,
As the time of life ticks by,
Just go to sleep,
Heres a little kiss,
So don't worry about this,
Because our time in life is too be together,
Learn to love this life,
Skip all the rules,
And learn to have fun!
I know you rather talk instead,
About all the things inside of your head,
But here you are,
A grown person,
Think you have come pretty far,
But one thing that you will never get,
Is seeing the sands of life,
If you do not take a stand,
Because your half way there,
Just learn to speak,
All the languages of life!


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