Looking Through The Eyes Of Love (Right Click To Stop Midi)


Aug 2nd 2001


Its not the color of her hair,
Its not the clothes she wears,
It her "love" she shares with me,
It will see Peter thru each day!
I love the colorful way she cares,
And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair,
I hear the sounds of the gentle moon,
That lifts her perfume thru the air,
Bernadette will always be there!
Closer to me each and everyday,
When I look into her eyes,
We both will travel thru the light side of the moon,
That this life of mine will be jut fine,
With Bernadette by my side,
For we both will ride,
Out this tide of life together as one!
For she has made our home a special place,
She's made my life something wonderful,
And meaningful for me,
She's made me what to give to her,
All the love and joy I can,
She's made Peter what I am today,
A very happy man!
Her name is Bernadette,
My wife,
The love of my life!


Aug 5th 2001

Taking A Walk Thur The Wonderful Metro Park


Aug 10th 2001

The Three Most Important Factors In Ones


Aug 13th 2001



It can buy a house,
But not a home!

It can buy a bed,
But not sleep!

It can buy a book,
But not knowledge!

It can buy a position,
But not respect!

It can buy medicine,
But not health!

It can buy blood,
But not life!

It can buy sex,
But not Love!!!


Aug 25th 2001

My Youngest Son Roger


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