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Aug 1st 2002

Feel The Tears

I can feel all the tears,
That have run thru the years,
As I walk thru this life,
I feel sad enough,
I feel bad enough,
But as I feel the tears,
Theres also tears of joy!
Knowing that you are near,
It's your love that you show,
That has dryed all the tears away,
And even to this day,
Some tears do flow,
But they are for your never ending love!
For they are tears of happiness,
Knowing that I will remain,
In your loving arms,
And I will remain the same!
True love is not for sale,
For this kind of love,
Will always bail one out of sadness,
I would go anywhere to be with you,
As I stand in the rain,
Its your love that will remain,
And it will dry all the tears in my life away,
My loving wife,
I love you to this day,
And always will!
And I know you feel the same way too!
As we both walk thru this life slow,
We both will always glow,
In love forever!


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