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Tue, 3 Dec 2002

Turn Life Up

Turn life up,
Never stop seeing life everyday in the right way,
Get off your feet,
And run thru life never skipping a beat,
Then you will feel so neat,
In life!
Let life play its tune,
Learn to live with the good and bad,
Do not feel sad!
Play to the music of life,
Go out and swing,
Start to sing,
All the tunes of life,
Then your chances in life will never run out,
If you just learn to sing and swing thru life in the
right way,
Each day!


Wed, Dec 18 2002

The White Snow Of Christmas

Seeing all the white snow,
Makes my soul,
Feel nice and bright,
Yes its cold outside,
But our hearts will stay warm,
And no storms,
Will come our way,
Because each day,
We all will still play in life!
Knowing that our loved ones are here,
And near and dear to each of us,
So light the fires,
Burn the logs,
And learn that all of our desires,
Will come to be,
For its Xmas,
The time to see,
All the joys in life are here to stay,
For they where all meant to be,
On this day,
Called Christmas!


Fri, Dec 20 2002


Its hard enough,
To find a way,
To get thru another day in life,
With out thinking about getting out,
Into the light of life once again!
We all just have to find our own way,
To get thru this life and stay,
And go out and play,
In life!
Get off your back,
Do the right thing,
And go out and swing,
In life!
Peter has enjoyed posting all of my thoughts on life
this past year,
But another year is near,
So peter will press on with life,
And I sure hope all of you will too,
Remember one thing,
Life and time waits for no one,
And all things in life are still not done,
So enjoy life everyone,
And some day,
I will meet up with you all,
In a very special place,
Where we all will have alot of space,
In Heaven!