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Feb 10th, 2001

Searching For You

I close my eyes and reach for the skys,
Start to dream,
And I begin to fly,
Into a world where I've never been,
A kind of beauty I've never seen before,
Cause now I know,
That you're the one I've been searching for!
This must be where our dreams come true,
Thru this light I saw your appear,
And from that very moment it was very clear,
Cause you let me know,
That you are the one,
Guess I'm only dreaming,
But I don't mind,
Because it's a wonderful feeling,
Knowing that I still have the time,
To pray too you,
I'll ride out this long tide of life,
With you always by my side,
That wonderful bright light in my life will never fade,
You will light my way,
So that each day,
I'll search for you!!!


Feb 16th, 2001

A Reason, Season and a Lifetime


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