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Feb 3rd 2002

All I Want To Do Is Too Be With You

All I want to do in my life,
Is too be with you!
Girl with out in my life I'm blue,
Tell me you feel the same way too,
Cause I can't live without your love!
Love you in a very special way,
Always turn my mid-night into day,
Cause I can not live with out your love,
All I want to do is too be with you,
Bernadette and Peter will travel thru this life,
In love,
Cause all I want to do is too be with you,


Feb 6th 2002

I Just Want To Be Loved By You!

I just want to be loved by you,
Kissed by you,
I do,
Girl I could tell you,
When I see you in my mind,
Its your love that will give me alot of time,
In this life too enjoy,
It will make Peter feel like a little toy,
Going out to play,
In the sunshine of your love!
The summer is over,
But I love having you around,
To make me feel very warm!
Is Peters wife forever!
It's her love that will never end,
Making Peter see life and having me send,
Her all of my love,
The days go by fast,
But Peter and Bernie will still have a blast,
In life,
Because our love will always last!
We will always hold hands,
Embracing life together,
Walking thru the sands of life,
Our love will stand the test of time,
Where everything in our lives will be just fine,
Because of our never ending love!
Where we will fly into life like two beautiful flying white doves,
Seeing the blue skys above,
The joy of life will never end,
Because of our never ending love together,
All I want to do is too be with you!
Bernadette and Peter,
In love forever!


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