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Jan. 4th, 2001

"Be Sure"

How can I be sure,
When changes come and go my way,
And things change my mind,
I still must learn to go thru life slow,
So that the end of me,
Will become the start of you!
I must be sure,
Too see this life thru,
In times of troubles,
Your always there for me,
I don't know when,
But someday we will meet again,
I must be sure,
To live this life in the right way,
So that each night,
I can dream of you,
I must be sure,
Too believe in your power and grace,
So that I will race,
To the finish line,
In this life of mine,
And I'm sure this will be,
Where I will dine with you tonight!
Where I will see,
This beautiful bright light,
Of peace and joy,
So be sure to live this life right,
And forever,
So when the final day comes,
Your life will start again,
In a new way,
Where each day,
Will be new and rewarding,
In heaven!
So be sure to live life right,
Each and everyday!


Jan. 14th, 2001


I can't stop,
I must keep moving on,
All thru the good times,
You've kept me strong,
Thru your love and passion,
This has kept me moving on!
When I think of you,
I'm filled with love,
For I know that you'll always be near,
I could never let go,
For you're the one that holds the key,
To my soul!
For you always know,
We could never be apart,
Soon we all will be older,
When will we make it all work out,
Too many people live in a stressful world,
While they worry,
We play little boys and girls!
So we will always be happy,
In this make believe world of ours,
This could be our last chance,
Make life work right now!
When I think of you,
And all the love that is true,
It brightens my day,
For you and I hold the whole wide world in our hands,
We can do anything that we want,
Anything that we feel like doing,
Soon we will all be older,
So welcome to your life right now!
Theres no turning back,
Nothing lasts forever,
I know when the world comes falling down,
You'll stand by me proud and strong,
So never give up on your visions of life,
All for freedom,
All for pleasures,
And then all good things will come into this life of ours,
As we all sit back and watch,
All the wonderful things that life can bring,
So keep moving on!
This is advise for the young at heart!


Jan. 28th, 2001

The Healing Power Of Love