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Mon, June 4th 2001

Follow Me

Follow me,
everything will be alright,
I'll be the one to help you thru the night,
I will begin your flight,
To see the bright light in your life again,
And then,
You live this life in a new light,
Where you'll be able to dine with me,
On that final night,
See each day in a new way,
Push ahead,
And after everything is said,
You will be at total peace in this life,
Listen to what I have to say,
Each day,
You know who I am,
Just believe in me,
My power is here to stay,
With all of you,
In the right,
Caring way,
Just follow me!


Wed, June 6th 2001

I'm Still Standing

I'm still standing,
Feeling just like a little kid,
Can't remember all that I did,
But as I watch the world float thru the dark side of the moon,
I know that I will soon,
Know all the secrets that I've kept,
I'm still standing,
Pressing on with this life,
I know if I'm alive and well,
You'll still be there to hold my hand,
I'd do anything for love,
I'll never forget the way I feel for you,
Because we stand together in this life,
As one!
Some days don't come easy,
Some days don't last,
But as long as we take our stand,
Our dreams will come true,
Just remember too make your stand,
And press on!


Sun, Jun 10th 2001

Some Memories Came Back Today!

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