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March 4th, 2002

Real Love

Real love where do you come from?
With your arms around me,
You surrender me with your sweet love,
Its you that sets me free!
Real love,
Lead the way,
Stay with me,
I need you and I know you need me too,
We where made to be together,
Its something special that we do,
Seeing life as we do,
Real love,
Its all about you!
Our love is true,
Its all about me and you in love,
When the skys are dark,
You will turn them into a bright blue,
With your sweet love,
Peter and Bernadette,
Will ride out the rest of this life,
In love!


March 29th, 2002

When Will I See You Again Mom

So when can I see you again Mom,
When will my heart beat again,
When will the pain end,
I hear what you are saying in heaven,
But I still miss you mom!
When does my some day begin,
Too be loved by you again!
What do I do if im still not over losing you,
But Peter will still go on thinking about you Mom,
For I know in my heart that you are in Heaven looking out for me,
And one day I will see you again,
My loving Mom


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