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Nov 5th 2001

Stepping Out Into Life

We are so tried of all the darkness in our lives,
So we must learn to drive into the light of life,
We will leave the t.v. and the radio behind,
Wondering what we will find,
Just turn to me and smile,
We will be there in awhile,
Into the light of life,
Its just all ones state of mind,
Just come alive,
And drive,
To the other side of life,
We are young,
But getting older before our time,
Nothing is left behind,
And as we all awaken tomorrow,
We then will not have any sorrows,
Just laughter,
And joy,
Knowing that another day in our lives has come,
For all of us too enjoy,
So always remember,
Don't let anything get in your way,
Just step out into the light of life each day,
And play and pray,
That another day has come your way,
Too enjoy!


Nov 7th 2001


Wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes,
Even for one day,
The grass is always greener over there,
Too see life like you do,
Who can it be now?
I know its you!
I knew from the start,
You would open my heart,
Too see this life,
And make it right,
I look for that light,
Too shine on my heart tonight!
What comes around,
Goes around,
I'm still listening,
To the voices from heaven,
So that when i sleep tonight,
My dreams will begin my flight,
Too you!


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