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Nov 1st 2002

Its Cold Outside!

Yes its starting to get cold outside once again,
But your love will warm up my heart,
And Peter will start,
Too melt away any stress that my come my way,
The cold winds will blow,
But yet I'll come to know,
That with you by my side,
Peter will ride out the cold time of winter,
The winter months become dark and cold,
But yet its your love for me that brings sunshine into
my life!
The snow will fall,
But both of us will still stand tall,
Each month comes and goes in our lives,
So always strive,
To get thru another month in ones lifetime,
Yes its cold outside,
But I will always hold your hand,
And take my stand,
And stay warm,
Knowing that each season in life is too enjoy,
With you,
My loving wife,


Nov 4th 2002


Love turns you around, Love will never bring you down,
I would give myself too you,
And learn to live with the good and bad,
For love will always play its tune in life,
Its your love that brightens up my day,
And I will always go out and play in life,
With your love by my side,
For I swear I would do anything for you!
Because its your love that brings me up in life,
My chances in life will never run out,
For I have your love to guide me around,
So learn that true love is not for sale,
For true love will always bail,
One out of saddness in life,
And true love will make you sail thru life in love forever!


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