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a message

What you see now is not the real me
It's only the shell of what I used to be
The disease process that is raging in my brain
Is causing me to act as if I am in pain.
My pain is confusion, fear and frustration
because I no longer am in touch with my true situation.

Please know that the personality I grew into has long gone
This disease has destroyed my ability to behave rationally and to think clearly.
My entire life was devoted to the care of others
As a registered nurse, daughter, sister and aunt,
I was a surrogate mother to many-a biological mother to none.

I loved and served humanity and wish to be remembered in that manner
So whenever I utter harsh words or act in a non-rational manner
Please recognize that I don't know that person.
When your patience with me wears thin, try to remember I am confused and afraid
because I don't recognize any part of the present,
I don't know that tomorrow exists and I recall only some of my past.

My brain cells are gradually going to sleep or have died.
However, I remain a physically healthy 81 year old Alzheimer victim who is
totally dependent upon you.
Please handle me with T L C and kindness.

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