I Love You Still 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

mary.  painting by harrison fisher

For those placed in my care
Each day I will be constant, I will stay

Even though bewildered, I try to impart
All of the feelings that crowd my heart

They once led strong, productive lives
These Mothers & Fathers-Husbands & Wives

Before they wore the frightened masks
Their lives were purposeful & filled with tasks

The men will show a weathered hand
From reaping harvests of well worked land

The bloom of youth has vanished from faces
Of women whose children are in other places

Their home is now like a foreign land
And they are lost-they've lost life's plan

These frightened souls with questioning stares
Must understand that someone cares

They are so grateful for everything
Give a smile, a hug, they're remembering

Maybe of a time in earlier years
When they comforted someone and wiped away tears

Perhaps they used a soothing voice
Not out of duty, but out of choice

To help a lost one find their way
Even if only for a minute each day

It is so hard on the families
Knowing the way they used to be

They ask, why does it have to be this way
That the ones they remember have been taken away

They think they are left with an empty shell
Of a former self they once knew so well

But each of them has much to give
Even though it's an alternative life they live

They still remember kindess and love
And most do not question our God above

And if I question what God's plan may be
The answer, I think, is to humble me

(c) Cheryl King, RN

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