Love Me 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)



Slowly she came through the door -- I thought I glimpsed a smile;
Gently took her arm and said, "Let's sit and talk awhile."
We sat down on the sofa, near the window in the sun;
She looked at me, her eyes met mine, and then a tale she spun.
Told me of her younger days, when she was just a lass;
"I finished seventh grade, you know -- the best in my whole class."
She talked about her courtship -- carried out so long before;
How she looks fine in hat and gloves, when he knocks on her door.
"We plan to marry, yes indeed, and honeymoon in Rome."
But her husband passed on long ago; her children now are grown.
"I have such a lovely garden," she then told me with a grin;
I could tell by her demeanor, how once, so proud she'd been.
The hours passed, her daughter came; 'twas time to end the day;
"How is my Mom?" she questioned me; I knew just what to say.
"She's a very lovely lady, and we talked of days of yore.
Her reality is memories, and she's living them once more."

Sent by Gray Lady