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the minature by harrison fisher 1907

I can remember sitting beside my grandmother
as she peeled apples.
Her hands worn from aging and full of wisdom and strength.
Even though I was only a small child
I can recall feeling a strength, warmth and caring
coming out of such a simple activity.

As I am older now
and my grandmother has passed away, so long ago,
my wish is that
I would have been able to know her as an individual.
What were her thoughts and feelings?
As a child I never thought of my grandmother in this way
and so I feel a sense of loss
that I am not able to speak to her
woman to woman and discuss life.

All the memories I have of her
is her peeling apples
and her tender spirit
that was so much a part of my life.

By Lisa Hoekstra

My grandmother passed away from the Alzheimers disease many years ago. I wrote the above poem about her.

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