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The End Of The Quest

As I sit by your side I feel at peace
Finally ....you seem at rest,
God willing, this is the end of this quest.
I remember a mother who had nothing but kindness
Never afraid to reach out with a soft touch or a loving kiss
Now you struggle to find the way
Trying so hard to regain everyday
You have fought the fight until the very end
frustration and fear at every bend
Some say they liked you when you were fighting so hard
Showing us you had the will to live and would not be scarred
I saw only a struggle for the things which could not be
Trying to find the things you could no longer see
A fight that really cannot be won
Only your soul remains which belongs to the Son.
So when I look upon your sleeping face
and I wonder where you are in time and space
I know that your soul is headed home
the outward struggle gone, no need to roam....


Would I do It All Over Again?

In a heartbeat I would do it again
Nothing can take away from me what I did then
I did the best that I could....I gave it my all
And now I can hold up my head ....and forever stand TALL

I couldn't, I wouldn't change what I did for YOU
It was done out of LOVE not out of some due!
If you had stayed here for a thousand years
It would have been worth all of the tears

You taught me lessons throughout my life
Ones I used when you were going through the strife
You showed me well the meaning of LOVE
Unconditional LOVE which came from above

You raised me with your love and let me fly free
and then I returned when you needed me
You continued to teach me when you weren't even aware
That the greatest lessons you were yet to share

For in your dying you gave to me
a compassion that I alone never would see
had I not taken you under my care
giving it my all with nothing to spare

Would I do it all over again or would I flee
I would not, could not change it you see
To LOVE you and comfort you in your time of need
Was not a great task...I was only returning the seed

The seed you planted as you guided me along
Back in the days when YOU were strong!
It was only natural to return the LOVE
Not a chore but an honor imparted by the one above!
© 2000 Brenda Race


Let Me Hold Them

Let me do this last thing for you
I know you have many and I do to
but the weight is too much for you to bear
So please momma ....just let me share

I will carry them all for you
to lessen your load...it is the best I can do
Tucked in my heart they will safely stay
when you can pick them up on that final day

We have so many it's hard to recall
but soon momma, we will remember them all
We laughed, we loved, we shared so much
and yes ....we even reached out to touch

A million times throughout the years
we shared it all ....even the tears
But now the weight of all these things
may be holding you back from what eternity brings

So let me hold them just for you
to lighten the load and help you through.
For all of the MEMORIES that we have shared
will tell each of us that we truly cared.

And when you are finally heaven bound
look in my heart, that's where they will be found.
Just reach down and take half but leave me the rest
So I will always remember that you were the best

And when you make it to eternity
share them with the Angels so you remember me
Maybe even tell God so he can free
All of the MEMORIES that are tucked away in me.

Written for mom



Be Gentle With Those In Your Care

Did you ever wake up feeling confused and out of place?
It's not a feeling that is very nice.
Not knowing where you are or what day it would be.
Struggling with your thoughts...trying to see.

Try to imagine that feeling.....never going away.
Trying to find your place every single day.
Trying so hard to remember why
and the only answer you get is a sigh.

Daylight is here and it's not so bad
but then.......why oh why are you so sad?
No one around you seems to know.
They don't seem to know you have places to go.

If only you could find some face you knew
Just what would you do if this happens to you?
Step into my shoes for only a day
Perhaps you will know why I run away.

What would you do if you could no longer tie your shoe
And when it's time to dress you don't know what to do
What if you didn't know when or how to shower
A task so great that perhaps you too would cower.

If I strike out and seem to be mean
Perhaps it is over things that can't be seen
Step into my shoes for only a day
Maybe then you will see why I act this way.
So please remember as you care for me today
To treat me with kindness and love in every way
Be patient and tender as you guide me along my way
Step into my shoes for only a day.

Written by Brenda Race 3/06/99 (c)


Like A Thief In The Night

Like a thief in the night!
I donít care if you are black or white.
I come to you like a thief in the night.
It matters not...rich or poor
I do not pretend to keep a score.

I creep up slowly to take your mind.
I never said that I would be kind.
To see you struggle with things long lost
that is my goal, no matter the cost.

Like a thief in the night I come to you.
It matters not what you shall do.
I will take away all that you once were
Until there is nothing, only a blur.

I have them fooled, every last one
and soon you will not be able to recognize even your son.
Your husband, your wife and all you knew
the words you speak will even be lost too.

I am the thief from in the night
go ahead and try to fight!
Once I arrive I am here to stay
and soon youíll not know night from day.

To make you confused is my goal
I will invade your mind and take your soul.
For I am the thief from out of the night
to make you mindless is my plight.

To watch you die, just a little, day by day
that is what I do, that is my way.
I slowly take your life away
until you are no longer even able to pray.

You will be frustrated and afraid
but I donít care, for I am on a raid.
Your days will not matter anymore.
And all you try to do will be a chore.

I am invisible, and deadly slow
and everything you once where, will surely go.
The sparkle that once was in your eye
will slowly fade and eventually die.
For I am the thief from in the night.

Some you once loved will stand by your side
to try to help you and be your guide.
Others, we will drive away, you and I
and they will say, they canít cope with a sigh.

And when all that is left is an empty shell,
and I have put you through a living hell,
my job will be done and I can move on.
For even your body will soon be gone.
For I am a thief from in the night.

(c) Brenda Race



Does this feeling of hopelessness ever go away.
She is my constant shadow 24 hours a day.
Like a ghost she drifts about without a real place
the look of sadness most always on her face.

I never thought our roles would swap
Tell me....when this madness will stop.
She once was the mother and now it is I
Please come back...just give it a try

Tucking things is now her game
drifting aimlessly with no real aim.
Constantly looking out the door
waiting, waiting, why, what for?

What does she think about all day long.
Does she ever wonder what is wrong?
How much more of this can we take?
Let it end for everyones sake.

Morning comes and she greets it openly
but can she even with daylight, really see?
Lord give me the patience to tackle another day.
To let her have just a little say.

Forgetting how to dress she dons 4 shirts.
Watching her struggle really hurts.
Should I correct her or let her go?
Please dear Lord just let me know.

Does it really matter where she goes to bed?
As long as she is happy where she rests her head.
Do we strip her of every decision she makes?
Dear Lord just give me what it takes!

The things that once were important are not.
These final days are all weíve got.
We must make the most while there is time.
To let them slip by would be a crime.

I danced with her the other day
and the feeling of hopelessness went away.
She laughed and giggled while at the Ball
and I knew then that it was worth it all.

Written by Brenda Race 02/09/98 (c)

(c) Brenda Race


Thank You God

Oh momma, as I reach out to take your hand,
I pray to God he will help me to understand.
I am losing you slowly, through my fingers you slide,
But I know in my heart that God is our guide

Through my mind I see the woman you once were.
I remember the good times that for you now are a blur.
but I know in my heart that your spirit lives on,
trapped in a body that is now almost gone.

You showed me how to love and you shared it with all,
for you knew the answer, you answered his call.
His light shone through you for all to see.
A witness for God, it was as it shoud be.

Though your life has now taken a turn,
so many lessons we all have to learn.
Compassion and love surrounding you,
and the love of God still remains true.

So even in your dying, you continue to give,
The everlasting light from God so that others might live.
And as the angels surround you to prepare you to leave
I know they will help all so that we no longer grieve.

Thank you mom for the love you have shown,
for in your love I really have grown.
I know that once you leave this earth,
your spirit will be here to give me rebirth.

Thank you God for loaning her to us all.
You used her well to help answer the call.
and now...... I am giving her back to you.
Give her wings to soar so she may be free
and forever live with you.....in eternity.

Your daughter;

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