Angel 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

woman by harrison fisher

was it you?

Today I thought I saw you in a crowd.
My heart jumped as I heard it beating loud.
Old memories came back, flooding my soul....
And I wished again that you were whole.
I know you have gone on ahead to your new home,
But I still catch a glimpse of you as I still roam.
Is it your spirit that remains here below,
for I still feel it always, no matter where I go.
The little smile that you always wore.....
I have seen it on faces that I never noticed before!
The sparkle that once lit up your eyes......
I see in others and wonder it you in disguise?
I often find myself staring at someone I meet.
It could be anyone I see in the street,
who reminds me just a little of the you I loved so.
Even though I know in my mind .... you had to go.
Perhaps God allows you to return now and then,
To drift in and out amongst mortal men.
To show us your spirit has not forgotten us here,
for the presence I feel has become very clear!
© Brenda Race 2000