You fought this battle well my friend
...........until the very end
An enemy you could not see
until one day .... you were set free

Like a solider in a battle, you fought with all your might
some stood all alone .... no loved ones left in sight
but onward you marched until the very end
the silent enemy lurking at every single bend

Yes, you held your head up high until you could no more
and then one day you saw it...the gleam on a distant shore
While holding on to loved ones hands
you reached out to the one who stands
Upon the other side.

As gently as a dove
He guided you along .... giving you his total love
The enemy was lost .... the battle you have won
When you reached out and took the hand of God's only son!

Your name is written in his book
you have now regained all that the enemy took
You fought the battle well my friend
For you see .... you really won in the end.

You were our mother, father, sister or brother
A good friend, a spouse, a son or even someones daughter
We will not forget you as we hold you in our heart
For not even this silent enemy can keep our souls apart

Upon this wall we etch your name with LOVE
So others may have hope as you watch now from above
You are an unsung hero who fought the battle well
And now stand on heavens shore where forever you will dwell

© Brenda Race 2001