Keeper Of The Stars 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

alexandra by susan rios

through the eyes of a child

The innocence of a child's soul
is what makes them seem so whole.
So peaceful and trusting as they reach out.
Full of life and rarely a doubt.
Skipping along while holding your hand,
Knowing that you will take their stand.
Loving you entirely for who you are,
Seeing the beauty of your soul with no scar.
As we grow older and more serious in age,
We become fearful and oft full of rage.
We begin to lose things that once made us feel loved.
Somewhere in our souls are things that are shoved....
that we try to forget and leave sitting inside.
We forget how to live and just go with the ride.
If only we could look through our eyes as a child,
into the soul that we once possessed undefiled.
To enjoy the wind and the moon and the stars,
with a soul which has not gained any scars.
To see the beauty in all that we touch.
To see through the eyes of a child would mean so much.
God grant us the gift to look back as a child,
To trust and to love with a soul undefiled.
Looking once more through the eyes of a child!
© Brenda Race 2000