The Dance 1999 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

I remember

Oh how well I remember the smile you gave so free
the twinkle in your eyes, the look of total glee
Nothing can take that away for the memory remains with me
I have only to close my eyes and your little face I can see
You loved life to the fullest each and everyday
And you lived it as you taught me in every little way
with a wink in your eye, not a word you had to say
For all these things I am grateful and to the Lord I pray
Let me always remember the shining example I had
The chance I had to know her, for that I will always be glad
She taught me how to love and laugh and even how to be sad
and how to cope with trouble and never to stay mad
She looked forever upward to the God she loved so well
She knew His will was always done - In time that He would tell
Her everything she needed to know - This One she loved so well
And now she reigns with Jesus Christ - and in His House, she dwells.

c 2000 Brenda Race