- At first we didnít recognize the holes
As something that was eating his mind
We simply thought his lack of memories
Was a part of growing old
Part of being frail
The birth of feeling alone

But as time meandered I felt alone
My ability to engage his memories
Only led to larger holes
Until I thought I would lose my own mind
And I began to feel so old
So inadequate, so frail

I thought about the old
Grandfather, the one not so frail
And in the recesses of my mind
I conjured up the memories
Of when he wasnít alone
Of when my heart had no holes

It isnít caring for him I mind
Or the filling in of his medical and financial holes
Itís knowing that one day Iíll be frail
And I wonder if Iíll be alone
Will I slowly lose my memories
When I am broken and old?

Will I live in a home with curtains frail
Eating Meals on Wheels alone
Sitting in the darkness watching old
Re-runs while mending holes
In my blanket, going out of my mind
Trying to hold onto my memories?

Or will my memories
Be that which make me feel old
Will I reminisce about the past alone
While I launder the frail
Blanket now void of holes
As I piece together the patch-work of my mind

I can only hope that when Iím old and frail
That my memories will be filled with holes
But only of the times my mind raced with fear and I felt alone.

- copyright © 10/13/03