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embrace by harrison fisher 1912

We've been together most all of our lives
To date, the years number fifty-five ----
Married when young, so we were told
Would bring us blessings when we grew old

This I have seen, as we've shared all our days
We've weathered the storms - Two children we've raised
Bonded together as one long ago
The love between us must surely show!!!

You've been my anchor - I've been your rock
I'm now your memory of things you've forgot ----
But one thing for certain, we're totally one
When we said 'I DO' - A new life, begun ---

A life filled with beauty, heartache at times
Laughter and tears, nickels and dimes ----
Dreams, plans and goals - Most all of them, done
We brought forth a daughter, and also a son -----

So, now at this juncture in life, I can see ---
Though joyous and wondrous, the start of our journey
It's only NOW, that we've walked hand in hand
Been through the fires - learned how to stand

That I find ALL the evidence of a life truly lived
Because of your goodness, and all that you give ---
You gave me your heart, your spirit, your soul
We both realized that God's in control ----

We face towards the future, knowing whatever may be
Nothing will ever separate you from me ----
Eternally destined, from the outset, begun
Divinely ordained, that we two should become 'ONE'

I love you, my sweetheart, and know you love me
Regardless what comes, forever we'll be ---
United in spirit, eternally 'ONE'
For God - in us - a good work, has begun.......

(c) 2000 Dorothy Womack
**Dedicated to Al & Misty Kearney**

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