Love Me 1999 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

dance by harrison fisher 1910

only one man

When we were young, we used to dance
Took time to enjoy life, at every chance
We used to laugh, rejoice and sing
Life lay ahead - We had everything
Then something slowly began to change
You forgot simple words - Our home - My name

Inch by inch, you disappeared
And I was faced with my greatest fears ---
Moe, our lives are intertwined
I am yours, and you are all mine ---
Now, your thoughts, I cannot surmise
There is a dimness overshadowing your eyes

We never meant our world to become
Where we became 'two', instead of just 'one'
Our spirits are joined eternally
For your wife, alone, I'll always be ---
Whatever befalls us - Whatever it takes -
I stand beside you - These vows did I make

Hold tight to my hand, as I hold to you
What God has spoken will always be true ---
God says we are ONE - Of this, I believe
In sickness or health - in joy or in grief
My heart belongs wholly to only one man
A kind, gentle soul - with tender hands ---

How hard it will be when I must let you go ----
Always remember: One man did I love ----
And his name is 'MOE'.........

(c) 2000 Dorothy Womack
**Written for Moe & Betty Blake**

Cannot be copied without the expressed permission of the writer