Butterfly Kisses 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

henry hutt 1912

she stands in the doorway

She stands in the doorway - most every night
Watching her daughter in the pale moonlight --
She sees in her heart and knows how she grieves
She longs to bring comfort and precious relief ---

Her daughter seems lost in a world full of pain
Swirling in memories that she can't regain ---
Her mother stands quietly, waiting to find
A second - a moment - when she can entwine

Her spirit around the child she loves so --
For she dwells in Heaven, while earth is below
A long time awaits till they join up again
So she stands in the doorway, looking to when

Her daughter realizes that she's always there
She knows of her restlessness, confusion and care --
She yearns for her: peace, prosperity, health
She knows these, her daughter, must find for herself ---

Having no physical form creates a problem
But, deep within, she shares a strong bond
With her daughter, the one she wants most to know
'I'm with you, NOW - and all your tomorrows" ---

'Don't give in to negativity ---
I'm close by your side - FOREVER, I'll be
Just shut your eyes, focus and pray ---
Standing in the doorway......."

(c) 2000 Dorothy Womack
**Written for Brenda Race**

Cannot be copied without the expressed permission of the writer