Angels 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

sailor girl bu cole philip

waiting for my turn

Did it never occur to you, little one
When my life on earth was over and done
That I would return to look after YOU
After all that you did and continue to do???

Yes, it's MY time to shine and my turn to care
To look over all, your burdens, to share ---
When you feel alone and almost undone
Remember I'm here, as sure as the sun!!

I'll never be far, where I cannot hear
Your words or your heart calling out in fear
For, as the Lord lives within you, the same goes for me ---
I've only been WAITING FOR MY TURN, to give back ---
For time, and all eternity..........

© 2000 Dorothy Womack
**Written for Marsha Penington**

Cannot be copied without the expressed permission of the writer