Angels 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

always be one

Betty, I love you - I know you love me
I'm grateful for everything you do for me
I know it is difficult facing each day
Without me to offer direction or say
A word which would help you to best understand
That I am still here - I'll do all I can

To try to communicate my love for you
My spirit belongs to God and you too ---
Although my mind wanders to where you can't go
I'm ever beside you - I want you to know
How much you have given, the light you have shown
Our lifetime on earth - Together, we've grown

Closer to God, and to each other too
Never consider that I'd forget you!!
Don't follow your intellect, feelings or doubt
Keep on believing that the SPIRIT wins out!!
With feet firmly planted on the ground here below
Believe that you're going wherever I go ---

Though we may part only a short time and then
We'll be united - Together again!!
Not separated by time, rule or space --
But we'll stand before Him, the God of all Grace
And He will present us to Him whom we serve
Despite all appearance, I believe ALL I heard

Nothing has changed on the inside of me ---
Trust in God only, when you cannot see
The way in the wilderness - He will provide
Rivers in the desert - He's by your side
So if I walk with you, underneath the sun
Or above it, remember, WE'LL ALWAYS BE ONE!!

© 2001 Dorothy Womack
Written for Moe & Betty Blake

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