My Heart Will Go On Performed by Jan Moser 1998
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past writings

Remember Me

Remember me when roses bloom
And Spring returns again ---
For I am ever present in your midst
In the dawn and in the wind ---

You mustn't think I've gone away
For good - Instead remember me
The way I was in better days
The way it used to be ----

Remember me as I am now
Alive, at peace, and free ---
There is no place for sorrows past
Is just a lost memory ----

For life derives its' purest joy
In living day to day ---
Follow what I've taught you
And REMEMBER ME, this way .....



Life is a circle, twirling round about
Where we start is where we exit out ---
In between, we find our lives are filled
With happiness and sorrows - Even still

We yearn for more within ourselves
To build a better world --
Yet, somehow, never finding how
To accomplish this, occurs

To us, until the very end
As life starts winding down ---
We find that in our living well
We've sought and now have found

That living is its own reward
We leave - Yet we retain -
For all we've seen, or had, or done
Our INFLUENCE remains.....

c 2000 Dorothy Womack


In The Company Of Orphans

As I grow older, I am hesitant to say
In the company of orphans, seems to be my mainstay
We all reach the place where our parents are gone
We're left on the earth, as each one is called Home.

Yes, it gets lonely, to walk in this life
Without them around me - It's often strife
Frustration, confusion, doubt and despair
How I long to find them again, waiting somewhere!!

Yet, in the company of orphans, I find something new
I'm part of a plan, a contingent, a group ----
We all share our problems, our secrets, our joys
We form a new family - not of blood, but of choice!!

In the company of orphans, I learn once again
People can become much more than just friends -----
We share all our trials, speak straight from our hearts
Seems to me I'm surrounded, right from the start

In the company of ANGELS, wearing human attire
We love one another through the lines of a wire ---
Our spirits connect and our hearts intertwine
How grateful I am that God chose to find ---
For me - ANGELS -------
With 'ORPHAN' designs..........


Take Me Home

Please do not touch me - Just leave me alone
I want those familiar to come take me home
Although I no longer know where that might be
I just know I'm frightened and know I can't be

Around all these strangers, who seem to know me
But I am confused - Do I know them? Have we
Ever done things together, shared purposes, plans?
No I don't think so - However, I am

Completely unnerved here - For I cannot find
My families either - From now, or long time
I wander these hallways, alone and confused
I often am given, I think, to conclude

That I've been abandoned, and left here to die
I don't understand, so please help me try
I know you still love me - Our heart beats as one
Please listen closely, I'm calling to come

I want those familiar to take me again
My memory fails me - I don't know just when
I only know something has gone really wrong
I promise I'll be good - So, please take me home!!

I don't mean to burden you down with my fears
Nor would I ever want to bring you to tears --
Perhaps this will soon be a place I can stand
Until then? I ask you - Just come hold my hand

I long for my reason and mind to return
I long for your closeness, when passions did burn
I long for those days that are gone now from me
How I long to remember all that once used to be!!

But I am adjusting much quicker each day
These people are kind - It just takes time to sway
My thinking to theirs - and in confidence, find
My Spirit is living, despite my decline...

And so I call out, once more, to my love
Help me understand that God from above
Has reached down inside me, and imparted peace
Remember I LOVE YOU - All troubling has ceased

I understand better each day I'm alive
That we are united - and my Spirit still thrives
I no longer fear what tomorrow may bring
For all that I've lost???
I have EVERYTHING..........

1999 Dorothy Womack


Most Of All

I wish I could have told you
All the things I couldn't say---
Of how important you are to me
It's always been that way.

You were the brunt of my abuse
And blames yourself---the more
I argued and antagonized
Added to the load you bore.

You must I didn't mean
The cruel words I said---
Now would I ever willfully
Punish you, or inflict dread.

Deep down, you knew, I'd lost control
This was not really 'me'---
You longed to see me 'come alive'
Yet, this was not meant to be.

I've followed you, as you've progressed
To finally gain your dreams---
All your hard work and sacrifice
God's blessed - Indeed, it seems.

We're both moved on to greater sights
Each, to prosper, where we're called---
Remember - I'm within your heart
And I love you - Most of all.

These poems cannot be copied without the expressed permission of the writer Dorothy Womack