Angels Performed by Jan Moser 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

thank you darlin

"Thank you darlin." Are the words that I hear.
It's like sweet music that most surely brings tears.
They're tears of joy, with laughter, and smiles,
They're words that can cheer you for many a mile.
"Thank you darlin." Only three little words,
But they're some of the dearest that I've ever heard.
There is no doubt she knows not who I am,
It's been a long time since she's called me by name.
"Thank you darlin" brought joy to my heart,
As this terrible disease has ripped us so far apart.
If just for a moment, an expression of love,
An unexpected gift, from Heaven above.
This illness is harsh, and is often a trial.
But "Thank you darlin" made it all worthwhile.

© 2001, Jerry Ham