My Heart Will Go On Performed by Jan Moser 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

familiar walk by susan rios

sweet memories

It is funny the things you remember
When you find yourself alone;
I thought about you again today,
My thoughts carried me back home.

If you could, I know you would remember
All the good times together we shared;
Picnics, my first date, mother-daughter talks,
And hugs that told me you cared.

I was only sixteen when you left us;
My heart broke the night that you died;
But slowly time had a way of healing
All the pain that I felt deep inside.

Although sometimes I have trouble recalling
Your face or the sound of your laugh,
I know time will not steal all memories of you;
It will not take the love that I have.

And on days like today when my thoughts carry me home,
Back to the memories of you;
I will always be grateful for the years that we had
And for the sweet mother's love that I knew.