Angels 1998 (Right Click To Stop Midi)

american beauty by harrison fisher

gods measurements

She's like many people on this Earth
By most human values, the lesser worth.
"Handicapped", "Disabled" they're thought of.
But not so labeled by a God of love.
For who knows the worth of a human soul?
The total story is yet to unfold.
Our loving Father has a plan for everyone,
And I believe-Yes! for my loved one!

Through a glass dimly, now I can't see.
Just what the future is going to be.
But by faith day by day, God leads me on.
His peace and power help keep me strong.
I sometimes feel a failure - trying to help my loved one. 

So often, I feel that she is the one
Teaching me, - of life and faith, and depth of love
As if a lesson came from above. 

Her intellect may be small -
But, oh her heart says it all!
So now I pass this message on to you.
It's very plain what we can do.
Value every soul on Earth
As through God's eyes, give them worth.
Care for those who need a helping hand,
Meet their needs if you can,

The joy you'll find is such giving
Makes life much more worth the living.
And too, it will last when life is 'ore.
And we gather upon eternity's shore.
For God measures our worth - each one,
When life here on Earth is done.
And he places the tape, - I've heard it said,
"Around the heart, and not the head"