her eyes bu harrison fisher

forget me not

Our problems are many and varied.
Our struggles are always uphill.
I'm speaking of our special needs so listen if you will.
I want understanding - not pity.
I wish you could treat me the same
You wouldn't ignore other people.
At least you would ask them their name
I know I can't answer to tell you.
My face may seem empty and dead
My body is twisted - but I am alive.
And there are thoughts in my head.
I will not be shut out from the world.
I'm a person and it is my right
I'm not an object of pity - to be hidden away out of sight.
My children see me through eyes of love.
And not as others do.
They see things I can achieve.
And I wish that you would too.
As I ask you to forget-me-not, I beg you to hear my plea
If I could speak - I would ask you
To please look closer - and see me .... 

Hope is not pretending that troubles don't exist.
It is the trust that they will not last forever,
Those hurts will be healed and difficulties overcome.
It is the faith that a source of strength and renewal lies within
to lead us through the dark into the sunshine.

Author Unknown